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Moving Abroad

Moving to Europe

In addition to being full members of the British Association of Removers (B.A.R.) Britannia are members of the European Moving Group (E.M.G.) and Fedemac. These organisations represent European movers collectively operating thoughout Europe with a vehicle fleet of over 1500 vehicles, emplying over 8,000 staff.

For over twenty five years Britannia has moved household and personal effects for thousands of customers to every destination in Europe. Each and every situation and problem Britannia have experienced has built an invaluable local knowledge throughout Europe.

As a result, Britannia emphasise the necessity to assess the delivery/collection access, bearing in mind the size of our European vehicles used. However, Britannia do not feel that you should worry too much regarding this. Whether the access road is narrow, the stairway is inaccessible, your property is secluded in a rural setting, with prior knowledge Britannia will endeavour solve the problem. This information can be critical to ensure your move goes smoothly.

So that Britannia's services are right for you every time, Britannia make sure that all their staff receive the highest level of removals training from our two dedicated training centres.

Packing for a European move is a specialist skill and Britannia have experienced and professionally trained staff to provide this service for you. Using a modern range of environmentally friendly purpose made packing materials Britannia's staff will arrive punctually at your home to prepare your possessions for collection. Detailed inventories are prepared for the onward move to destination or storage.

Such qualification and membership status gives you confidence that you are dealing with the Uk's market leaders in European moving.

European Brochure

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Moving International

During the pre-move survey we will advise whether your effects will be shipped in their own container or as part of a shared load consignment.

Most shipments are loaded into steel shipping containers. Sole use containers will normally be packed outside your home, sealed and transported directly to the docks for shipment. Alternatively, if your move is not big enough to fill a container we will transfer them to our consolidation warehouse where they will be stored safely until being loaded jointly with other loads travelling to the same destination.

Should you wish to move your car along with your household effects, Britannia are able to offer this in either your own soleuse container or as part of a shared consignment.

Items required urgently at the destination can be sent by air. Britannia will pack these in to airline approved cartons or cases. For smaller consignments to remote destinations, your effects can be case packed for shared loading.

We will create a detailed tailor-made move plan, including exactly what you want moving and whether the packing team need any special equipment or materials to move large or unusual items. We will make sure that the removal of every single item in your home is included in the plan, even things tucked out of sight in loft spaces or cupboards.

All small items are wrapped in paper then carefully placed in strong cartons. All furniture and larger items are wrapped in multi-layer export grade wrappers. Card can be used for extra protection.

High value or unusual items can be further protected by custom casing.

Once packed all items are marked with name, destination and inventory number.

International Brochure

(PDF format)

Most computers have Adobe Reader as standard, if not download it from the link below.

Moving to Australia or New Zealand ?

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